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Hi, I'm Rachel,
a skilled designer, artist & marketing support professional

I'm pleased you are finding your way around my page.

I have always had a passion for art and design and love hand painting masterpieces in my spare time. (Check them out here)

Being the one in my family and wider circle with the creative flair, I have been the port of call for anything design related. I have in the past spent a good year solely producing and selling my hand painted artwork so there is a bit of my artistic creations floating around the country.

Aside from my professional working experience (16 years in marketing and administration roles) as I obviously have loads of examples from that I have decided to create this website to show a few examples of the work I have achieved and created from my own ideas. 

I'm currently working with a few small businesses,  assisting them with their marketing and design work in the evenings and weekends and have an office manager role during the day. I also am currently fitting in online study which works well with my Mum/Wife life schedule.


I'm currently getting my diploma in digital media and design which I'm enjoying. I also somehow manage to fit in working with a New Zealand Charity called NZAPEC (New Zealand Action on Pre-Eclampsia) along with learning to play a guitar going to the Gym each morning and trying to fit in a social life in between - I'm the type of person who thrives off being busy!


Keep looking around my page and see what I love doing the most which is bringing ideas to life 

Thanks for visiting my page 

Rachel  Gallon 

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