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The current website you're on is my latest creation, which took roughly 12 hours to design from start to finish. 

One of my biggest accomplishments was building an online store for Kells Kitchen Homemade. I enjoyed putting their website together in 2019


I thoroughly  enjoyed building the online store function which i added on in 2020 as we moved to alert level 3. It was challenging making all the specialist options work - ie. A flat white with trim milk and 1 sugar costs the same amount as a flat white with regular milk and no sugar but if you add Soy milk the price increases and adding a flavor syrup it increases yet again. but adding more sugars does not effect the cost. This was a tricky process to get set up right but was so rewarding to see it all come to life. 

Take a look around but don't go into the online store if you're hungry (consider yourself warned) The food tastes just as good as it looks!!

My Latest website project

I have been honored to have been selected to produce and oversee the building and day to day running of the website for Milly's Fudge and Chocolates. 

Milly started selling her homemade treats both online and into retail stores but found huge success being a wholesaler and has moved into that scene so the online store has since been removed but the basic website is still operating 

Have a look around anyway- her products are delicious

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